Central Catholic High School's faculty and staff is comprised of dedicated, qualified lay people.

The faculty and staff of Central Catholic High School consist of thirty highly qualified individuals who are dedicated to the mission of the school. This number consists of twenty instructional classroom teachers, a Librarian/Technology Coordinator, a School Counselor, a Dean of Students/Disciplinarian and a Principal.

There are six staff members consisting of an administrative assistant, a secretary, a bookkeeper, an advancement director, a campus minister and a maintenance person. Of the faculty and staff members, six are alumni of Central Catholic High School.

Pete Boudreaux
Principal, Grades 6-12
David Irwin
Dean of Students, Math Department, '02
Larry "Ree" Case
Athletic Director, Teacher, Head Basketball Coach, '86
Maria Barbier
Karen Tycer
School Counselor, '99
Celine Laubach
Math 6, 7, 8
Kristin Wiggins
Religion 6, 7, 8
Kelly Allen
Spanish I, II
Melony August
Science Department
Sunni Blanchard
Girls Physical Education, Head Softball Coach
Sherry Boagni
Carlon Butler
Boys Physical Education
Tracy Crappell
Science Department
Sandy Daigle
Principal's Administrative Assistant
David Fuhrer
History Deparment
Boyd Fussell
History Deparment
Charles "C.L." Grogan
Learning Center Coordinator, Head Football Coach
Brent Hidalgo
History Department
Heather Irwin
Math Department
Allison Longman
ELA Department, '89
Jennifer Loupe
Science Department, Math Department
Kristen Miller
ELA Department, Fine Arts
Anna Saleme
Librarian, Technology, Webmaster
Ofc. Amanda Scoggin
School Resource Officer
Debbie Stanley
School Secretary, Office Manager
Constance Wallace
ELA Department
Kristi Wisdom
Campus Minister