WHo Are We?

Central Catholic High School is located in Morgan City, Louisiana. It is a Catholic secondary school serving the needs of students from grades 6 through 12. The student population is seventy-eight percent baptized Catholic. Eighty-six percent of the student population is Caucasian; fourteen percent is African American. Because of its cutting-edge technology, college preparatory curriculum, and family atmosphere, Central Catholic High School has maintained relationships with local families throughout the many years of its existence.


WHat is our purpose?

Central Catholic High School, founded in 1893 by the Marianite Sisters of the Holy Cross, is a Catholic secondary school, grades 6 through 12, owned and operated by the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux. Central Catholic High School exists to serve primarily the Catholic population of the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, the Catholics in East St. Mary Parish and in neighboring communities, and others who embrace Christian values and respect our God-given gifts. The curriculum includes a college preparatory program that stresses high academic standards, fosters good citizenship, and instills a strong sense of discipline. We complement the development of each student by offering excellent and diverse extra- and co-curricular programs such as Student Council, Key Club, National Honor Society, Beta Club, Junior Beta Club, ARK Club, 4-H, spirit groups, as well as, numerous boys and girls sports teams.

We believe that Central Catholic High School exists to offer a “meeting place for those who wish to grow in Christian attitudes and values.” Through affirming worth and dignity of each individual, we seek to nurture and prepare this school community—students, faculty, staff, and parents—to take their respective places in the larger community as responsible Catholic Christians.

Within this supportive environment, our students are challenged to become capable of making decisions in a life of service and witness to the message of the Word of God. In this life of service and witness, it is hoped that our students will participate in building a more Christian nation and world.

The parents are supported as the primary educators in the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social, and cultural development of students. Structuring an educational climate, which promotes knowledge, personal growth, and self-discipline, encourages this development of students.

Central Catholic High School is espoused to the ideology of a living faith community in which mutual trust, mutual respect, and mutual responsibilities are living examples of all.

Notable Achievements

The school’s most notable achievement over the past three years has been the building of new facilities to accommodate the future growth of the school. Through a collaborative capital campaign among Central Catholic, Holy Cross Elementary, and Holy Cross Church Parish, new facilities were built: library, life center, and gymnasium. In keeping with the Mission Statement, to educate the whole child—soul, mind, and body, the new buildings serve to foster growth in all areas. The library includes a forum room for presentations, a wireless projector and screen, and updated library resources. The new gym aids in the accommodation of multiple athletic teams across grade levels for both boys and girls. By building a new gymnasium, the school now has two facilities for students to use. Furthermore, the life center is a gathering place for guest speakers for the student body, as well as retreats.

A second area of notable achievement is technology. In 2013, the school transitioned from a 1:1 laptop program, which began in 2005, to a 1:1 iPad program. The use of iPads allows for student creativity. Furthermore, it allows for the acquisition of digital, interactive textbooks and iBooks. An upgrade to digital fiber optic cable provides faster internet access for web-based programs. With the iPad, students are able to send work to teachers electronically and receive the graded work digitally as well which affords a greater use of resources. Furthermore, students are able to easily conduct research and create projects using the iPad.

A third notable achievement is course offerings. In order to provide students with a head start for college, seniors are able to take dual enrollment courses for English 101, English 102, Math 101, and Math 102. These courses are taught by certified instructors at the school in affiliation with Nicholls State University. Additionally, AP European History, AP Psychology, and AP Calculus are offered; these courses are taught by teachers who are certified by College Board. In order to help “bridge the gap” between junior high and high school and assist those students in thinking critically, an Essentials course is taught in seventh and eighth grade to foster better study skills, organizational skills, and note taking skills, as well as to promote an increase in writing skills and math skills in preparation for high school courses. Furthermore, a Critical Thinking course is taught at the eighth grade level to foster hands-on activities and higher order thinking. This course utilizes group work and discovery learning to promote independent thought.

Additional School Information

Central Catholic strives has an open acceptance policy and strives to meet the needs of the students. Students are placed into either an honors track curriculum or a college prep track curriculum based up standardized test scores, placement test scores, and grades in pre-requisite courses. Furthermore, students may begin taking high school courses—English I, Algebra I, and Physical Science—in the eighth grade if they meet specified requirements. Additionally, the school provides a learning center for students with special needs.

The Aspire standardized test will replace Stanford 10 in the spring. The Aspire test assess more critical thinking and is aligned with new standards.