Central Catholic High School seeks to develop morally and mentally the whole child—soul, mind, body—utilizing head, hands, and heart by teaching as Jesus did and thus building the Kingdom of God on Earth. 


The mission of Central Catholic is to foster a Christ-centered atmosphere focusing on faith formation, academic excellence, and service development in prekindergarten through high school.

Through our educational ministry, Central Catholic serves the parishioners of surrounding Catholic Church parishes and those families of other faiths who respect our Catholic values and beliefs.

Central Catholic offers an excellent academic curriculum in grades Pre-K3 through 12th grade, which has God’s word, community building, worship, and social service integrated within all areas. We are called to model Jesus as we encourage self-respect among all members of our community, recognize the uniqueness of each child, and enable an academic and spiritually enriching atmosphere permeated with God’s message of love. In continuing to build the kingdom of God on earth, we follow the sacred traditions and teaching of the Catholic Church.


We believe that Central Catholic High School exists to offer a “meeting place for those who wish to grow in Christian attitudes and values.” Through affirming the worth and dignity of each individual, we seek to nurture and prepare this school community—students, faculty, and parents—to take their respective places in the larger community as responsible Catholic Christians.

Within this supportive environment, our students are challenged to become capable of making decisions in a life of service and witness to the message of the Word of God. In this life of service and witness, it is hoped that our students will participate in building a more Christian nation and world.

The parents are supported as the primary educators in the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social, and cultural development of students. Structuring an educational climate, which promotes knowledge, personal growth, and self-discipline, encourages this development of students.

Central Catholic High School is espoused to the ideology of a living faith community in which mutual trust, mutual respect, and mutual responsibilities are lived examples of all.