Visiting a College or University

It is my strong recommendation that when making this important decision that you visit the Universities that you are considering. The campus visit work sheet is useful when visiting the school. It will help you keep track of what you liked and disliked. Below is a sample list of questions that you may want to ask while visiting the school.

Instructional Programs and Admissions

1. What college courses are required (a) of all entering freshmen, (b) for a degree and (c) in the department of the college in which you are interested?

2. What is the typical size of classes for freshmen? For upperclassmen?

3. Are there any internships available for students in the department in which you have interest?

4. Do they offer adaptive education for handicapped or leaning disabled students?

5. May qualified upperclassmen transfer at the end of two or three year special program such as engineering, medicine, law, dentistry or pharmacy?

6. Is the college on a quarter, trimester or semester system?

7. Is the university accredited?

8. Are Advanced Placement courses accepted? What score will enable you to receive Advanced Placement credit at the university?

9. Are there a number of course offerings besides those required for your major?

10. How often are particular courses (especially those required for your major) offered?

11. What is the percentage of students who go on to graduate school? Is there a graduate school affiliated with the university?

12. How many students stay past their freshman year?

13. What is the percentage of graduating student athletes?

14. Are professors easily accessible to students?

15. How selective is the admissions process?


16. How does the university calculate high school grade point average for scholarships and admissions?

17. What standardized test does the university prefer for freshmen admissions? Will they accept ACT over SAT and vice versa? Will they accept ACT in lieu SAT II subject tests?

Campus and Buildings

1. Does the college campus appeal to you? How large is it? Is it easy or difficult to get around?

2. Is it near enough to or far enough away from the local community? Does the community environment appeal to you?

3. Is there easy access to stores and other facilities?

4. Is it handicapped accessible?

Housing and Dining Facilities

1. What types of housing are commonly available to freshmen? Are freshmen required to reside in the college dormitories?

2. Are the dormitories fully furnished or will you have to furnish it yourself Are the dorms coed?

3. Are students permitted to select their own roommates? If not, how are they assigned?

4. Are private dorms available? What is the additional cost?

5. What type of deposit is required? Is it refundable? What is the housing deadline?

6. Are three meals served seven days a week? Where are meals served? What is the cost of the meal plan?

7. Can special diets be arranged for students who require them?

8. Is there a good snack bar or other student eatery on or near campus?

Personal and Health Services

1. What members of the college staff are available to counsel you with personal problems, vocational plans, academic adjustments, and choice of courses?

2. Does the college provide special testing services for freshmen? Are career interest and aptitude services available?

3. Are medical, dental and nursing services available on campus?

4. Does the college have a hospital near the campus?




5. To what extent does the college offer a job placement service for students who need part-time work during college? What part-time job opportunities are there for freshmen? Does the college provide graduating students with opportunities to interview prospective employers on campus?

6. Does the college have support services for students with learning disabilities or handicaps?

Religious Facilities

1. Is there a chapel, church or synagogue near or on campus?

2. Does the college approve or sponsor the type of religious club in which you have interest?

Social and Recreational Facilities

1. Does the college have a union or commons that is the center for student activities?

2. If the college is not coed, what arrangements are made for mixers, dances and parties?

3. Does the college have good indoor and outdoor facilities for both in and intercollegiate sports?

4. What other leisure time activities and facilities are available to students?

5. Does the college offer cultural opportunities such as concerts, special lectures, art exhibits or plays?

College Costs

1. What are the costs per year for students attending college, exclusive of travel costs?

2. What are the estimated extra costs to the student for belonging to a fraternity/sorority?

3. What financial assistance is available? How does an entering freshman apply for aid? What is the basis for granting financial aid? If necessary, will the college meet all of your financial need?

4. What scholarships are available to entering students? How does one apply for these scholarships? What are the deadlines? Does the department in which I plan to major offer scholarships to incoming freshmen?

5. What are the average cost of books, dorms, meal plans and out-of-state fees?



6. How are tuition and fees to be paid? In full at the beginning of the semester or can they be deferred? If in Louisiana, how will the university apply TOPS to my account?

College Regulations

1. What attendance requirements does the college demand of the student? Does the college require regular attendance? Is there a specific limit to the amount of absences allowed?

2. What level of academic performance is required?

3. What is the policy of the college regarding the possession of and use of automobiles by students? Of alcohol? Of drugs?

4. Is the college strict or liberal in its regulations?

5. Is the college on an honor system?

College Atmosphere

1. Do members of the staff and faculty seem friendly and helpful in their attitudes and relations with the students? Are they courteous toward visitors?

2. What is the attitude of the student body toward the college?

3. Is the college a commuter campus, or do most people live on campus?

4. How secure is campus?

5. Is the student body diverse?